From the Support Committee

“What is happiness? It’s the feeling that our power is increasing—that an obstacle is being overcome.”

* * * * *

Our friend Eric may be a teacher by profession, but in practice he is a solid friend who shows up so hard and so often, one might think it is his job. Whenever and wherever there is a call for support, Eric is there.

So when Eric was targeted for online harassment by internet trolls associated with “alt-right” white supremacist groups in April 2017, we came together as community, and as friends.  The online harassment started with Eric’s personal social media, online reputation, his family, and workplace. The online harassment led to a police raid at his friend’s home, with Eric’s eventual arrest based on allegations that were directly from “evidence” concocted by amateur internet “detectives.”

But like everything else that Eric takes on, he handles with precision, intention, sweetness, and heartfelt ferocity. We’ve seen Eric run into one obstacle after another. He doesn’t just overcome them, he roundly defeats them. And now, we all need to defeat both these ridiculous fabrications and keep Eric out of prison, as well as continue our struggle against oppression rooted in capitalism and white supremacy.

We know that everything that has happened over the past few months is not just about Eric. It is about the forces that have always maintained power for capitalism and white supremacy attempting to quell those who stand up for the self determination of all who are oppressed.

We remain joyful in standing with Eric. We hold Eric as our inspiration to never stand down from supporting our friends and community.

* * * * *

“To become revolutionary is to assign oneself a difficult, but immediate, happiness.”

-From To Our Friends by the Invisible Committee